Bia Tour de Femme

The first thing you need to know about the Tour de Femme, is that it’s NOT A RACE. This is a long weekend of riding your bike with your mates, while being pampered and spoilt with all sorts of treats.

The Tour de Femme is a unique opportunity to spend the weekend doing the things we ladies love to do: Ride our bikes, natter with our bestie, spoil ourselves and even drink a little wine. So, we’ve created a bespoke experience, that is an exclusive and unique spoil.

This Tour is like no other. The idea is to spend three days on your bike, in a mountain bike paradise, being treated to all the spoils that you know you deserve. Service vehicles, superb water points and group captains will ensure your safe and fun riding over the three days.

The riding is not overly technical, nor have we designed routes that are unbelievably difficult. The routes have been designed to provide enough of a challenge to chat about over the bonfire on the deck, but not to make you wonder ‘why are we doing this!?’ #Just4Girls


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